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Why Gutters Are Important

Gutters are an essential part to your home. When it rains gutters are what protect your home from letting rain get into your walls or leak into your basements.

Without gutters your basement would be flooding all the time and it would be a disaster every time it rains. Since a lot of roofs are sloped the water comes down at a fast velocity and the gutters are their to catch it.

Their would be a lot of erosion on your lawn as well if gutters weren’t their to catch the water. This would mean that your beautiful lawn would get destroyed every time it rains.

Why Downspouts Important

Downspouts are what carry the water from the gutter down to the ground. Downspouts are an essential part to any gutter system because if not your lawn would get destroyed by water. It is common that the downspout leads to an underground drainage system that sends all the water to one place or a drainage system that redirects the water.

There are two different types of downspouts 5′ and 6′. They are offered in multiple colors. 6′ inch downspouts are the best because they are wider so they can make water flow down them easier and they chance of them getting clogged is lower than a 5′ gutter.

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